A history of the VFL/AFL plusSixOne ELO ratings

Introducing the long awaited history of plusSixOne ELO ratings. The following graph allows us to explore the ratings of each team that has played in the VFL/AFL since 1897. That covers 20 teams (including the now extinct Fitzroy and University) and almost 15000 games!

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Play around with the graph below. It’s interactive in that you can select a team, hover to see more information and also zoom to select. I’ll be adding more features as I become more comfortable with plotly!

I’ll be releasing some interesting tidbits using this historical information over the season. They will appear below. In the meantime, have fun!

Many thanks to FiveThirtyEight for the inspiration and The Arc for the technical advice on using ggplotly. If you have feedback on how it could be improved, or any posts you think might be interesting, hit me up on Twitter.