fitzRoy v1.1.0

I’m excited to announce the official v1.1.0 release of fitzRoy has landed on CRAN! This release includes a few new features and some improvements to bugs that had been reported. Read on to find out about them. Player Details Newly included are the player_details functions. These follow the same pattern as the main fetch_ family of functions, with some slight differences. You can use fetch_player_details to return a list of player details for a given club and source. [Read More]

fitzRoy v1.0.0

I’m excited to announce the official v1.0.0 release of fitzRoy has landed on CRAN! Motivation It’s been over 3 years since the first commit of the package and it’s great to finally feel like it’s stable enough for a v1 release. The initial idea was to provide a set of functions that made scraping data (at the time, the only way to get access to historical AFL results possible) easy so that modellers and analysts could spend more time doing modelling and analysing. [Read More]

New fitzRoy functions

The new AFL season, with it’s condensed fixture, is proving challenging for the old little R package fitzRoy. Luckily I’ve added a couple new functions to help! You’ll need the development version of the package. devtools::install_github("jimmyday12/fitzRoy") library(fitzRoy) library(dplyr) Fixture I recently noticed that the get_fixture function was broken. There is unfortunately not a lot I can do with that one. The Footywire website doesn’t provide round in it’s outputs and so I’ve always just calculated this assuming that rounds begin on Thursday/Friday and finish on Sunday/Monday. [Read More]

fitzRoy - 0.1.5 release

For those of you who’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been working on an R package for AFL called fitzRoy with Rob from Analysis of AFL. Today we released a new version which has a much requested feature, so I’d figured a blog post was in order. You’ll have to reinstall fitzRoy to get the latest functions. We still aren’t on CRAN but you can use devtools to get it. [Read More]