About me

This site is very much under construction.

I am a data loving Biomechanist by trade. I graduated from my PhD in 2016 form the University of Queensland. I’m currently currently working in Sports Science Research and Development at a Brisbane based sports technology company, Fusion Sport.

I’m using this blog mostly to develop better skills in data science, in particular using R, developing visualisations and understanding various machine learning techniques. I am also obsessed with AFL.

Much of my inspiration, as you will probably notice, comes from Nate Silver’s growing giant in Sports Analytics, FiveThirtyEight. Many thanks also to Tony Corke from Matter of Stats, whose fantastic website gave me many ideas for creating my ELO model.

All thoughts, opinion and content is my own. Although I deal with various sporting organisations in Australia through my job, all data will be openly sourced and referenced.

This site is for non-commercial purposes only. I don’t make any money from the site, either from advertising, or by gambling based on my predictions.

All graphs are build with the fantastic ggplot2 package, with heavy lifting done mostly by other packages from Hadley Wickham’s tidyverse. Most of the data comes from afltables, unless otherwise specified.

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