Round 7 - Is something Brewing in South Australia?

The Giants reign at the top of our ratings ladder was short lived, despite a hard fought win against the Bulldogs. The Crows jump into top spot this week while Port look like they are emerging from the pack. Is something brewing in Adelaide?

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Ratings update

Adelaide returns to the top of our ladder after a thumping of Richmond. In fact, our simulations now give them >99% chance of making finals from here. They are also a 50% chance of finishing top, if you believe our ratings! Speaking of South Australian, Port Adelaide have continues their rise and are now almost a 50% chance to finish top 4 - clearly our favourite after Adelaide, GWS and Geelong.

It will be interesting to watch how this Port team develops. Could we get an all South Australian Grand Final? It’s probably too early to start simulating finals but finishing top 4 would be a big step in the right direction.

I’m actually at the airport on my way to Adelaide for the weekend so I am certainly hoping something is brewing!

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