Round 12 AFLM Predictions

Hi team,

See the tips for round 12 of the AFL Men’s comp below, as well as some simulation results.

You can always receive my live, up to date tips here and my simulations here regardless of the timing or existance of this weekly post!

And reach out on Twitter if you have any thoughts or questions.

Enjoy and happy tipping :)


Day Venue Home.Team Away.Team Prediction Probability Result
Fri, 07 M.C.G. Richmond Geelong -10.0 40.1% Geelong by 10
Sat, 08 Docklands Carlton Brisbane Lions -8.1 42.0% Brisbane Lions by 8
Sat, 08 Carrara Gold Coast North Melbourne -4.8 45.2% North Melbourne by 5
Sat, 08 Adelaide Oval Adelaide GWS 1.7 51.7% Adelaide by 2
Sun, 09 S.C.G. Sydney West Coast -0.3 49.7% West Coast by 0
Mon, 10 M.C.G. Collingwood Melbourne 17.0 66.4% Collingwood by 17



And below we show the probability of each team finishing at each ladder position in a heatmap.

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