Round 5 - Lest we forget

It was after the ANZAC day game last year that I launched plusSixOne to much fanfare! Although I haven’t been able to put as much time as I’d like this season, I’m still enjoying publishing the rankings each week and following the fantastic Twitter community that exists around football analytics.

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Ratings update

Looking at our ratings graph below - we can see some clusters starting to emerge. Up the top we have Geelong, GWS and the Crows as our standout top 3. A group of 4 in West Coast, Bulldogs, Port and Sydney are struggling to emerge to join them. After that - our clump of 7 average teams are remarkably close. In fact, if any of those teams played each other on a neutral venue, we wouldn’t favour any team by more than 9 points. It makes for an interesting race for those bottom spots in finals as the year progresses.

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Here are the tips for the weekend. Lest we forget.

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