Round 7 predictions

After putting tips out for the first time last week, I actually didn’t get to watch a single game due to being on holiday for the (at least in Queensland) long weekend without phone, internet or TV reception! After a nervous wait, I came back to see my model had a tough weekend - tipping 5 out of 9 with a mean absolute error in the margin of a hefty 50 points. Granted there were a few unexpected results but not what I had envisaged stuck in my log cabin all weekend!

Nonetheless, my season results for the ELO model (understanding I haven’t made these public yet) sit at 39 out 54 (72%) with a mean absolute error in the margin of 33 points. I’m again hoping to turn this into a nice table or chart as the season progresses.

It is with some trepidation then that I release my round 7 predictions, based on my ELO predictions[ref] I endeavour to write up my methodology over the weekend![/ref].


Here are our current ELO ratings

[ELOpreR7](<a href=)

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